Language Kart

A Hams Live Pvt. Ltd. Company

Language Kart is a translation company under Hams Live Pvt. Ltd., where you can get your language translated in any other languages of the world. Managing translation can be complex but here we make it simple, fun and inexpensive.

We work 24X7, so there’s always a friendly linguist or translator on hand to answer your questions and keep your project on track.

We’re one of the world’s fastest growing translation agencies. We translate more than sixty-five million words a year between 600 language pairs for clients in over 80 countries for a variety of companies ranging from media, software, literature to legal, medical and pharmaceutical.

Our cutting edge proprietary software makes it easy to integrate translation into your document management workflows. If you’re looking for a reliable translation company using the latest technological advances, then call us on +91 98738 89586 or send a message for a quote.

Service Levels

Every project has different requirements, so we offer many different service levels to match your needs.

Technology Integration

Benefit from lower costs, faster turnaround times and more consistent terminology by integrating translation technologies into your text management workflow.

Best Translators

Our linguists are selected according to their specialist skills in areas such as technical translation, requiring in-depth knowledge of industry terminology - financial translation, legal translation, medical translation, pharmaceutical translation and marketing translation. With a network of over 4000 specialist translators world-wide, there’s a friendly, language-loving translator available to help at any time.

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That language creates...

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